Press ready art requirements

Press ready art requirements are set to ensure a timely and correct output of product
which meets your expectations in many aspects such as size and colour. We predominately
use a PDF work-flow and as such would prefer all art to be submitted as a PDF and
meeting the following criteria to be of a press ready state.

• All art should be CMYK colour space plus pantone spot colours if used
• Art resolution must be at 300 DPI including any placed images in document
• Art must be correct size and trim box and trim marks should reflect this.
• Art should be supplied as a PDF. We can also accept InDesign and Illustrator
Packages and files
(please note the following about links and fonts being supplied)
• All assets (fonts, links and database) used should be either embedded in the art or
supplied with the art.
• Art should have at least 3-5mm bleed on all cuts including die lines.
• Die lines should be set to over print and be made with a pantone spot named
• Art requiring glue tabs must have no ink in the tab section.
• Multi page documents should supplied as single pages and not as spreads for
impositioning reasons.
• Variable data should be supplied as one worksheet, with headers that match art.