Business Card Box Holds 500 Cards (Bundle of 50) 265x92x58mm

  • Type: Business Card Box Holds 500 Cards
  • Size: 265 X 92 X 58 mm
  • Material: 250gsm white artboard
  • Units Per Bundle: 50
  • Design: Tuck in top & Hand Lock Bottom
  • Code: BBC500-2
  • All prices are ex GST

Each unit represents a bundle, see below for bundle QTY

  • Buy 1 to 2
    $28.00 Per bundle / Ex GST
  • Buy 3 to 5
    $27.00 Per bundle / Ex GST
  • Buy 6 to 9
    $26.00 Per bundle / Ex GST
  • Buy 10 to 50
    $25.00 Per bundle / Ex GST

In stock (can be backordered)

Dimensions: 58mm X 92mm X 265mm


Business Card Box Holds 500 cards (Bundle of 50) 265x92x58mm. This particular product is a compact business card holder capable of accommodating up to 500 business cards, which typically measure around 500 to 530 micrometers in thickness, equivalent to 0.5mm to 0.53mm. It features a cleverly designed lid with an integrated business card slit, providing a convenient and organized way to store and access your business cards while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance. SKU: BBC500-3

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