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Turn the ordinary unboxing experience, into the extraordinary with Pakko sand our unboxing experience packaging.

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Unboxing Experience Packaging

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Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler, we’ve got all of your cardboard packaging needs covered. Clients love our extraordinary unboxing experience packaging, fully customised to your business’ branding.

As one of very few wholly Australian run and made cardboard packaging manufacturers, you can rest assured that we’ll only deliver the highest quality products for you.

FSC Approved

We believe in sustainability. Our material is sourced from environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable ways.

Australian Made & Ownded

Headquartered in Brisbane. We’re run by Australians, for Australians.


100% Biodegradable. Compostable. Durable. Eco-friendly. Create an eco-chic look with our cardboard packaging options.

How would you create a memorable unboxing experience?

Add The Extra WOW To Your Product

Choose from our wide range of our custom box & packaging solutions too add the extra flare to your product’s customer experience.

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Design the Unboxing Experience Packaging

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Designed Packaging Solutions for Australia

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Keyline Design

Get it right from the start by getting your keyline design, also known as your blueprint, accurate and to your liking. This ensures that all perforation lines, cut lines and fold lines are perfect each and every time.


Get creative with our in-house designers to make your packaging dreams come true and provide an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers. From design to prepress to submitting for manufacturing, we can help bring your packaging vision to life.

Forme Making

We “cookie-cut” your design using our laser cutting technology to stamp out the shape of your cardboard packaging. Once your keyline design has been created, the forme board is cut out with the areas marked for cutting, perforating or creasing.

Die Cutting

Our forme makers complete the forme by adding knives and foam to the board before its ready to be used in a die cutting machine. This is where the magic happens as many of our customers have us create, fix or adjust formes to suit their needs.


We use CMYK ink colours to print your design images onto your packaging to keep costs low for you and with no setup fees. Alternatively you can opt in to use the Pantone’s Matching System (PMS) to ensure all colour choices are standardised and reproduced with consistency.


We offer both hand gluing for more intricate designs that require strong integrity or smaller batch runs. Our gluing and folding machines can help deliver you consistent and high-quality finishes. With our control systems, we can guarantee that our products will meet all predetermined criteria without fail.

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We are proud to support local business with our no MOQ for all our packaging products

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With strict quality control measures and a customer-driven approach, we deliver peace of mind by guaranteeing that you’ll receive only best in your cardboard packaging purchase experience.

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Talk to our friendly staff and let us help you find the perfect cardboard packaging solution

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We can create boxes to make sure your product is secure and well adjusted to suit your specifications

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All quote pricing are clearly identified throughout our process so there are no hidden surprises at the checkout

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Simple, straight forward, helpful, cost effective & easy to understand is what we always aim to achieve to obtain the most practical outcome for you

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