Mini Sampler Kit
(6 different types of boxes)

Each sampler kit will come with the following:
  • Counter display box
  • Carry handle box
  • Tuck in top and bottom box
  • Crash lock base box
  • Hand lock box
  • Box sleeve
Dimensions: 00mm X 00mm X 00mm


Choosing the right type of box for your product can be pretty confusing right? Crash lock, Hand lock, tuck in bottom, what’s the difference?! We hear you so we are introducing our new Sampler box kits that contain 6 Miniature novelty sized boxes ready for you to assemble. It’s so simple you can even have the kiddies put them together for you.

Each colourful box is clearly labelled with a description of the box type and how they are best used.
What better way to learn than to have a hands on interactive project. The best part is they make a great functional table decorator to store all your trinkets! So what are you waiting for!