Food safety in Australia is extremely strict and well regulated. So as a packaging manufacturer there are many rules we have to abide by to have the right to claim “food grade” stamp on our selected packaging. We have compiled the best bits and relevant content for cardboard food grade packaging for you to peruse! Please note these excerpts below come straight from the australian food authority website.

Because packaging and containers used to store food are in direct contact with the food, they need to be suitable and ‘food grade’. If the packaging is made from inappropriate materials there is potential for it to make the food unsafe. Here at Pakko we supply and manufacturer a large range of Food grade cardboard packaging ready for you to use! 

Suitable for intended use

The Food Standards Code details specific requirements for surfaces in contact with foods, including containers and packaging in which food is processed or stored. They must be:  adequate for the production of safe and suitable food fit for their intended use.

Can be effectively cleaned

Any surface that comes into contact with food must be able to be easily and effectively cleaned and, where necessary, sanitised. Any container or packaging used to store food should be smooth, and free of cracks, chips, crevices, ridges or grooves that could harbour bacteria and hinder attempts to easily and effectively clean it. Any defects in a food contact surface can allow the build-up of food scraps, and harbour bacteria which can contaminate the food. A food business must ensure that any food container or packaging they use is designed and constructed to withstand the effects of detergents, hot water and sanitising chemicals – this may limit the ability to reuse some types of containers. Cardboard or wood containers used as fruit and vegetable packaging should not be reused for unpackaged, potentially hazardous, ready-to-eat foods because these containers cannot be cleaned and sanitised effectively.

Made from suitable materials

Food contact surfaces must be made of material that will not contaminate food and are impervious to grease, food particles and water. Containers and packaging must be made from the food an unacceptable taste or odour. Some materials are not suitable for use with acidic foods. Examples include:  lead in ceramic, china and crystal utensils, solders, flux and pewter galvanised metal copper and copper alloys unglazed earthenware is unsuitable for eating and drinking utensils. The material used in food packaging must be able to withstand the uses it would normally be exposed to, such as microwaving, or storing hot food or frozen food. Containers and packaging made specifically for food contact use are recommended because they are made from suitable materials tested for contact with food, and are usually designed for easier cleaning and sanitising. materials that will not contaminate food by allowing chemicals to migrate from the packaging into the food, or by giving

Single use items – not to be reused The Food Standards Code specifically prohibits the reuse of single use items in contact with food. Single use items are generally defined as those where the manufacturer of the item intends for it to be only used once in connection with food handling (e.g. plastic takeaway containers). There may be other non-food contact uses where these containers can be reused.

Outer containers Outer containers are sometimes used to exclude pests from an opened package of food. These outer containers need to protect the food from contamination and include a tight fitting lid. Although outer containers may not directly be in contact with food, they still must be suitable for their intended use and able to be easily cleaned. A rubbish bin would not be considered suitable for this purpose.

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Food grade tray Food grade chip cup

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