At Pakko we provide manual hand gluing as well as high speed machine gluing services. Machine gluing is generally used on higher quantity orders and is highly dependent on the type of box that is being created.

Hand gluing

The hand gluing process is a slow manual process, which is used for small batch runs, and odd shaped die-cut cartons.On the surface it may seem simple but it can be a difficult process that requires a good understanding of materials, adhesives and various designs. Performing neat, clean and consistent gluing on all materials and designs is vital in keeping the integrity of a box or packaging. Hand gluing can be done on  capacity folders, lenticular designs, pop up designs and anything else today’s designers and marketing departments can come up with. Hand gluing may also be required for Velcro closures, cords, elastic bands, ribbons, handles and clasps, eyelets, grommets, CD/DVD hubs and trays, and many other specialty requirements that machine will not be able to run.

Gluing and folding machine

In essence, the folding and gluing process transforms a piece of flat material into a finished product such as a box, envelope, or promotional item. This is achieved by folding the blank along pre-creased lines and applying the adhesive that will hold the product together.

The folded and glued blank will then be placed under pressure for the adhesive to cure as it is transferred to the delivery. Highly sophisticated control systems track the blank during its transformation and, in conjunction with quality assurance equipment, will eject any product that does not conform to predetermined criteria.

Folder-gluers are suitable for processing a wide range of materials including solid board, plastics, metalized varnished boards, litho-laminates, micro-flutes, and corrugated board. Their use is seen mainly in the packaging industry where they transform flat blanks into straight-line, crash-lock bottom, or multi-point boxes.



gluing and folding machine


-Typical gluing and folding machine